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New works by Gaye Jurisich

20 Oct 2017 - 29 Oct 2017

Exhibition open daily Saturday 21 until Sunday 29 October, 10:30 am – 5 pm.

About the artist

Gaye Jurisich is a Hamilton based artist who has exhibited widely internationally and throughout New Zealand. Her work includes painting and sculpture in a variety of media. Gaye explores the idea of making artworks that use unorthodox materials, often on a very large scale.

She says ‘I want my work to speak about our place, locality, time, space and measurement and the reflection of myself in the reality of the landscape. It isn’t about making beautiful things; it’s more than that. There is a deeper purpose in my work that challenges ideals and artistic values and questions conformity’

This exhibition shows several large abstract works using acrylic on circular and oval boards, it also includes some small sculpture works, using found objects and paint.

  • Date: 20 Oct 2017 - 29 Oct 2017
  • Location:Red Rock Gallery
  • Curators:Gaye Jurisich

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